At Golden Tailoring and Alterations, we prize the age old tradition of creating outfits tailored or adjusted to precision as opposed to the use of store-bought or stock-sized wear. Located in central London, our services extend to some of the city’s top designers, dignitaries, business people and anyone else who values premium quality or luxury tailoring. We specialize in clothing for women as well as clothing for men with workmanship that is uncompromising and meticulous.

Coming from backgrounds where provision of exclusive bespoke tailoring services are part of the family business, we have honed and perfected our craft over the past 15 years. Having worked extensively with a variety of fabric types including leather and silk, and being familiar with processes such as beading, we offer our clients versatility and choice. Our carefully curated team of expert fitting consultants, seamstresses and tailors allow us to guarantee punctuality, professionalism and impeccable attention to detail.

Due to all this, we can say with certainty that our standards of excellence are among the highest in the market. If you’re working with Golden Tailoring and Alterations, rest assured you’ll find life in every stitch!